Robot Is The Best Partner In The Injection Moulding Machine

- Mar 30, 2018-

                 The robot play a large role in the injection moulding machine,it has become an indispensable auxiliary equipment .There are several advantage in the production:

First.Save labor,stable output

1.    It is not afraid of nobody working

2.    Save lot of labor and reduce workers wages

3.    People will be tired and the robot remove the product is fixed no need rest


         1. There is no any risk of accidental injury to worker by using a robot

         2.If the product doesn’t fall off ,robot can give alarm reminder,it will protect the mould and reduce man made losses.


         1.Robot remove the product time is fixed and ensure the product quality.

         2.Extends the life of the molding machine

Fourth.Increase productivity

         1. The robot can work without interruption

        2.Productiong automation improve the company’s image

        3.the daily output can be accurately and delivery date on time.

        Nowdays,more and more robots instead of the manual operations.This is a development trend.