Seven Components Of Injection Mould

- Mar 30, 2018-

The basic structure of the injection mould can be divided into seven parts: moulding parts, casting system, guide mechanism, ejector device, lateral parting and core-pulling mechanism, cooling and heating system and exhaust system according to its use function.

1. moulded parts It refers to the parts that make up the mould cavity.

Mainly include: punch, die, core, moulding rod, forming ring and inserts and other parts.

2. Casting system It refers to the plastic flow path from the injection moulding machine nozzle to the cavity in the mould.

The ordinary gating system is composed of a main channel, a runner, a gate, a cold pit, and the like.

3. Guide mechanism in the plastic mould, the main positioning, guidance, to withstand a certain side pressure, to ensure that the dynamic, fixed mould clamping accuracy. The mould clamping guide mechanism consists of guide posts, guide sleeves or guide holes (directly on the formwork), and positioning cones.

4. The ejector device is mainly used to eject the workpiece from the mould, and is composed of a top rod or a top tube or a push plate, an ejector plate, a top rod fixing plate, a reset rod and a pull rod.

5. Lateral type and core pulling mechanism

6. Cooling heating system

7. Exhaust system.