The Application Of WEDM In The Mould

- Nov 16, 2017-

In the production, the mold will be used for a period of time there will be some quality problems, according to the actual situation to take some measures to solve. If the main part of the die (punch die) part of the crack, according to the conventional to re cut, re processing the mold, but now the use of wire cutting process, can be used "cutting insert method" to repair the mold.

In order to adapt NC wire cutting technology to process mould. Improvement of die structure design. The traditional convex die is usually designed into three steps, the smallest step is working edge, the middle stage is fixed positioning step, the biggest step is to prevent the punch fixed plate is pulled out axial positioning steps, these three steps are indispensable, each has its function of numerical control wire cutting punch processing after the quenching, straight type punch and can only be processed into concerted. According to this characteristic, if the punch is designed to be straight, how to fix the punch and the fixed plate, the traditional method has bonding and riveting, practice has proved that the bonding is not reliable.

It is easy to fall off in the work. Riveting is reliable and reliable, but it can not be quenched at the back of the punch when quenching. We know that high carbon alloy steel in the air can be quenched to a certain degree of hardness, the work of the convex die must have high hardness, but the rear can not have hardness, which to the convex mold heat treatment has brought great difficulty, obviously these two methods is not simple, economical and reliable method.

If it is a shorter and narrower punch, it can be designed according to the working part of the punch, and the positioning and fixing of the punch also uses the same step. The use of axial fixed side cylindrical hole into the pin is fixed, this column is in the convex die cutting is completed, then online cutting by the outgoing cutting cylindrical hole punch, so the rear has a 0.1 mm left and right of the cutting seam, the gap in pin loaded axially fixed pin fixed plate of pressure no punch strength. The cylindrical hole is cut on the convex die, and the semicircle groove is fixed by the fixed plate, and the pin can be positioned and fixed completely when the pin is loaded. If it is a narrower and longer convex die, several cylindrical holes can be added, and the diameter and number of the cylindrical holes are determined by the unloading force. The screw hole is designed on the rear end face of the punch, and the padding plate is thicker and the bolt is installed. The punch can be fixed and fixed.

If the cross sectional area of the punch is large enough, the threaded hole can be designed at the rear end of the punch and fastened with bolts to prevent the punch from falling off. Through the improvement of this system, the punch has been fully adapted to the NC wire cutting process, and the structure is simple, which is convenient for NC wire cutting.

In the production process, the mold will use for a long time, there will be some quality problems, according to the actual structure of the mold, the mold maintenance. In the structure of the mold design, mold processing should be based on the situation, the mold structure, the mold material properties, the design and processing of some reasonable structure, make the mold processing easier, reduce costs and shorten the manufacturing cycle, to meet the needs of production and processing.