The Development Of Precision Plastic Mould

- Jul 27, 2017-

Because of imported molds, precision, large-scale, complex, long life of the majority of molds, so from the point of reducing imports, improve the rate of domestic production, such high-end molds in the market share will gradually increase. The rapid development of the construction industry, so that all kinds of profile extrusion molds, PVC plastic pipe joint mold become a new economic growth point of the mold market, the rapid development of the expressway, the car tires also put forward higher requirements, therefore, radial rubber tire molds, especially the development of the mold will also be higher than the overall average level; to plastic generation of wood, to plastic foundry metal to make plastic molds in the automotive, motorcycle industry in a huge demand, the household appliances industry in the "Twelve-Five" period will have greater development, especially refrigerators, A large demand for plastic moulds for spare parts such as air conditioners and microwaves