The Laser Marker Left The Plastic Product And It Was A Pile Of Scrap Iron

- Oct 27, 2017-

Plastic is a kind of important material products, plastic products, and a trademark on the barcode number for identification symbols, general appearance selection directly machining, such as stamping, punching, carving a symbol, or generate selection of printing, labels, packaging and other external contraction stamping processing. And the use of laser marking machine in plastic product appearance print symbol is a high processing speed, appearance characteristics can adhere to plastic products inherent, and printing of symbols are durable, counterfeit and high quality features, no other process.

Some plastic products due to the absorption of energy and easy marking, laser energy absorption rate is a function of wavelength, therefore, under the same laser intensity effect under different plastic will get different quality symbol. For example, some colored high density polyethylene and polycarbonate plastic products with laser, without any additives can be obtained in the ideal imprint; and the choice of CO2 laser marking machine, if you don't take the special additives on India is not good. In addition, the degradation of plastics, cracks, vague appearance and so on, will also lead to reduce the quality of symbols.

Now, the plastic products are widely used in various occupations, such as: home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PC, medical equipment, lighting appliances, it is an indispensable component!