The Method Of Making The Front Air Grille Mold

- Oct 17, 2017-

The front air intake grille body is usually made of hard glue (PP + TD20) and soft glue (TPE) to make a certain proportion of the material on the injection machine. As the two materials together to form the product, taking into account the conventional rotating two-color mold, that is, the production of two different cavity, two the same core, forming a product after the rotation and then forming another product, this program principle , But can not be achieved because the size of the product is large, the single core cavity will be very large, and the cost of making two pairs of cavity core is too high; due to the larger core type required rotating double Injection molding machine is a large machine, the machine is enough to take the price of ordinary machine times; such a large rotating double-head injection molding machine ordinary mold frequency is very low, only a mold a machine, resulting in rising production costs. In addition, the hard material PP material from the vicinity of 280 ° c will begin to deteriorate, so the heating temperature should be in the 270 ° C below the operation, the molecular orientation is very strong, in the low temperature molding, easy due to molecular alignment and warping, Road, the gate should be designed in response to the requirements of the flow, and the gate design should pay attention to the adhesion of molded products, molded products designed to prevent the occurrence of depression and deformation. Injection mold structure and diverse, two kinds of materials fit a lot of injection molding structure is generally based on different products and use different mold, the top, the flow channel and other forms. A two-color injection mold according to the patent application number CN101096121A includes a front mold, a rear mold, a plurality of sliders located in the front mold and a plurality of sliders located in the rear mold, and a plurality of first cavities, A second hot runner, a second hot runner, at least one first auxiliary flow path and at least one second auxiliary flow path connecting the first hot runner and the plurality of first cavities at Together for each of the first cavity feeds, the second auxiliary flow path connecting the second hot runner and the plurality of second cavities together for each second cavity feed.

    DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION The object of the utility model is to solve the problem that the mold cavity is too large, the cost is too high and the complicated process is provided by using the conventional rotating two-color mold of the front air intake grille body product which is bonded with two kinds of materials, Reasonable structure, to provide a front intake grille body mold, the mold only need to make a cavity core, and do not need to rotate, just set a body in the injection of hard plastic when playing soft cavity closed, hard Glue injection is completed, call the soft cavity to open, by the soft rubber nozzle injection of soft, two materials will be together in the molding together, high precision, good flow of plastic flow, no shrinkage, Cracks and other defects. The technical problem of the utility model is mainly that the front air intake grille body mold, which comprises a master mold, a movable mold and a mold base, which is solved by the following technical scheme, is characterized in that the lower part of the master mold The upper part of the mold forms the forming area of the front intake grille body; the movable mold has a plurality of ejector pins, the inclined roof, the sealing top block and the lower end of the inclined roof are connected with the inclined roof connecting rod. Inclined die guide block; the master mold is provided with a hot runner, and the hot plate is arranged above the master mold, and the mold flow distribution plate is arranged in the heat flow plate; the slider is arranged at both ends of the die and the movable mold; With a rigid glue inlet, the side of the mold with a soft material inlet. The design of the injection molding machine supporting the two nozzles are independent, the side of the nozzle when not in use can also produce large-scale ordinary mold blooming products, can be a multi-purpose; mold using standard mold; inserts, sliders, Use 2738HH, each cylinder, water pipes, are equipped with oil distributor and water distributor and are installed in the mold non-operation side; because the mold side of the soft material feed, so the mold installed in the injection molding machine to ensure that the mold and injection The machines are parallel to facilitate positioning of the side nozzles. As the product is large, the mold need to use hot runner; due to the front intake grille body product slender, and does not allow a welding line, so the hard plastic part of the use of sequential valve. Preferably, an upper floor is provided above the heat flow plate, and an upper cylinder is provided in the upper floor, and the lower end of the cylinder is connected to the mold split manifold. The cylinder is perpendicular to the upper floor and is arranged in the upper floor, and the injection port is arranged along the middle of the positioning ring. The injection port communicates with the mold embryo flow manifold, and the mold embryo dispenser is located in the hot mouth. Preferably, the upper end of the upper bottom plate is provided with a positioning ring, a positioning ring, an upper floor plate and a heat flow plate positioned in the vertical direction of the guide post. Guide column with a number of. Preferably, the plurality of ejector pins are provided at different portions of the front air intake grille body, and the top of the thimble is provided with a straight top. The product has a total of six buckle, due to the small buckle, in order to facilitate the processing, the use of straight top structure, with thimble and thimble vertical with cooling water pipes and joints, and because the front air intake grille body structure is longer, The thimble is set along the length of the product and works at the same time to ensure that the product is lifted up. Preferably, the hot runner is provided with a hot mouth which communicates with the injection inlet of the front air intake grille body. Hard glue and soft glue through the hot mouth into the product forming area.

Preferably, the die holder is provided with a face plate which is provided with a pin press plate at a bottom position of the face plate, the lower end of which is positioned on the ejector pin, and the ejector pin is positioned on the bottom plate. In order not to take up space, the ejector press is generally provided in the bottom of the faceplate and fixed, the support column is guided in the face plate, and the face plate is supported by the bottom plate. Preferably, the lower end of the oblique top connecting rod is positioned in a fixed block in which the bottom surface of the fixing block is wedged with the top block and the bottom of the top piece wedge is located above the top block base. The top block is located in the positioning groove on the part of the face plate. Because the product is upside down, it is released by the inclined roof. When the filling is completed, the upper floor is erected and the sloping roof slides out.