The Town Of Chinese Mould - Taizhou Huangyan

- Mar 27, 2018-

Huangyan is located in the middle part of the Zhejiang Gold Coast coastline, Jiaojiang District and Luqiao District in the east, Wenling and Yueqing in the south, Xianju County and Yongjia County in the west, Linhai City in the north, and 207 kilometers from the provincial capital Hangzhou.


Huangyan’s industrial economy is prosperous. Since the reform and opening up, market-oriented reforms started earlier and are one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese stock cooperative economy. They were the first government document issued to protect and regulate joint-stock companies in the country - "Some Policy Opinions on Joint-Stock Companies". County. Has now gradually formed a plastic products, molds, pharmaceutical chemicals, machinery and electrical appliances, motorcycles and auto parts, handicrafts and food cans and other seven pillar industries. It is home to the famous "Hometown of Chinese Molds" and is known as "The Kingdom of Fine Chemicals", "Capital of China's Arts and Crafts," and "Capital of China's Plastic Daily Necessities". China's first county-level civil aviation station - Huangyan Airport has opened more than 10 routes including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Breaking through the Huangtai-Wenzhou-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway, the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway and the 104 National Highway pass through the city, and 82 provincial roads cross the city area, linking with the Huanglong Line, the arch along the line, and the ShiYuan Line, forming a reasonable layout and traffic. Convenient road network system. The Lucang Port in Jiangkou and Haimen Port, which is 17 kilometers away from the city, have passenger and cargo ships that reach all major ports in the country and Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.


Huangyan enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad for the “hometown of Chinese molds”. As a provincial-level high-tech industrial base and a national torch base plastic mold base, Huangyan’s plastic molds and products occupy an important position in the country. Only mold manufacturing companies and processing sites have more than 2,000. Home, more than 50,000 employees, has a large number of internationally advanced mold processing center equipment.


Huangyan's mold industry has a history of nearly 50 years. Its industry base is solid and its special advantages are obvious. In the mid-fifties of the 20th century, the first professional mold enterprise appeared, producing some small and simple plastic molds. In the early 1970s, more than 20 small township enterprises were set up. After the 1980s, the policy of reform and opening up mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of people-owned enterprises, and a large number of individual and private mold processing companies emerged. In 1986, during the inspection of Huang Yan by Yang Min, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, he made a high evaluation of the Huangyan mold industry and praised him as “the hometown of molds”. After entering the 1990s, various mold companies increased their efforts in technological transformation, actively cultivated and introduced professional and technical personnel, strengthened internal management, and boldly implemented institutional innovation. Huangyan's mold industry has rapidly increased. In November 2002, the “Huangyan Plastic Mould Provincial High-tech Industrial Base” was approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. On July 9, 2003, it was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “the National Torch Plan Huangyan Plastic Mould Industrial Base”.