What Is The Quotation For Injection Molds Related To?

- Nov 14, 2017-

People in the industry know that when choosing a mold company to make the mold, there will be a corresponding quotation. Then what is the quotation for injection molds related to?

The difficulty degree of mould is the main determining factor of the quotation of injection mold. In fact, it also needs to conform to the overall development of the market. In recent years, the overall manufacturing level of mould industry in China has improved greatly, especially the price of mould, which is more favorable than foreign enterprises. Therefore, many foreign businessmen are willing to come to China and make the mold manufacture through Chinese enterprises.

As mentioned above, to the difficulty of the mould is the main factor, if a mould making up is very difficult and requires a lot of manpower, so may need high cost. But if a mold is produced very simple, such injection mold quotation is lower. The difficulty of the mold depends on the shape and precision of the product. There are many factors.

In addition to the difficulty, the size of the mold is also an important aspect. If the mold is larger, there will be a lot of materials, which is also a factor influencing the quotation of injection mold. There are materials used in the mould, some of which can be made of simple iron or alloy, but some of them need to be used for more expensive materials. To sum up, the mold quotation is determined by various factors.