8 Cavities Plastic Bottle Cap Mould Information

8 Cavities Plastic Bottle Cap Mould Information

Seacomould is a leading plastic injection mould manufacturer in china.Being in the mold field for 15 years.We are good and quick at producting and developing all kinds of plastic mould.We also can product plastic productors.We can handle all the mould production line,from drawing concept,development,production ,quality control,maintenance and after sales service.

Product Details

8cavities plastic botter cap mould.jpg8 cavities Plastic bottle cap mould information

Mould base:P20 preharden

Cavity and core material:S136 46-50 HRC

Mould base material:LKM ,HASCO,DEM

Cavity number:8cavities

Runner: cold runner

Machine type:150T

Plastic Material:PP

Mould life:300000shots



Plastic bottle cap Mould feature

1.       Interchangeable insert is available for easy maintenance and long mould life

2.       Each cavity and core have independent cooling system,shortening production cycle time and getting high production efficiency

3.       Export standard mold,we are honest on steel material and mould components.

4.       Testing mould and cap before shipping to your country,and we supply spare parts for you in one year if damage



Why choose us?

1.       15years manufacturing and exporting experience.High efficiency and speedy delivery of the mmould

2.       We get more clients suggestion and improve our technology

3.       High quality and good price.Professional at manufacturing molds,high hardness steel such as s136 steel,short cycle time ,more mould shots and easier maintenance

4.       Technical service,one year spare part free supply.

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